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Eden Ewe-Nique Lonnin, Tebay

A Tramper is available to borrow from this hub at Tebay.

The Tramper has been designed for people with differing disabilities.  The Tramper is an electric all-terrain mobility scooter designed specifically to cover rough ground and grass safely. It can go up and down slopes, over bumps and tree roots, through shallow puddles, mud and soft ground.

Also available to borrow in a Paratreker, which is a manual all-terrain wheelchair. You will need at least carers to push the chair and to help with the chair over rocky ground. This chair can be used by children from aged 7 upwards and has lumbar and neck support, as well as footstraps. 

There are several routes to enjoy from the farm, including a short stroll down to the river. 

Eden Ewe-Nique Lonnin has a beautiful wheelchair accessible lodge for hire.

The nearest facilities are at Tebay Services on the M6, which has a Changing Place facility on the southbound side of the motorway.


What is the Cost?

We don’t ask that you pay a fee for the use of the wheelchairs because we want to reduce the barriers for people to access the outdoors. However, if you have enjoyed your outing you can leave us a donation to help support us at Access the Dales to continue to develop the HUBS around the Yorkshire Dales. To help make the inaccessible accessible for more people donate using the link below:

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