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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We've tried to answer the questions you might have below.

If you do have a question we haven't answered here, please get in touch

What is an all-terrain wheelchair?

An all-terrain wheelchair can be used off road and even on rough ground, mud and grass. It enables people who have difficulty walking, who are less able, or who may be disabled, to experience the countryside and to accompany friends and family when out walking. Gradients of up to 1 in 4 (25%) are comfortable for an -all-terrain wheelchair.

What types of wheelchair/ mobility scooter are availabe?

We have various wheelchairs and mobility scooters available, dependent on location. 


Please see here for some information on the different options and where you can find them. 

How much does it cost to hire an all-terrain wheelchair? 

Although we don’t have a fixed charge for hiring a vehicle, we would appreciate a donation towards  Access the Dales, and this will go towards the maintenance and upkeep of the vehicles and their insurance.

How long can I borrow a wheelchair for? 

We want you to enjoy your day and so there is only one booking per day per wheelchair.

Do I have to be 'registered' as disabled or have a Blue Badge?

You do not have to be 'registered' as disabled or have a Blue Badge to enjoy the use of the vehicles.   You may be recovering from illness or surgery and have experienced a loss in stamina or mobility, or you may have difficulty walking on rough tracks: you are all welcome to use our wheelchairs.

What happens if I get lost or break down? 

All of the sites listed on this website have been thoroughly checked and tested to make sure they are safe and easy for you to use with our all-terrain wheelchairs.

When you hire the vehicle, our volunteers will give you a phone number to call should you have any problems.

Please note that all users must be accompanied by one other person and one of you must be in possession of a working mobile phone.

Please ensure you download and print your route before arriving and keep it with you on the trail, so it is always to hand.

Where can I use the equipment?

The vehicles can only be used on the trails indicated.  You are not permitted to use the vehicles on any other route, and it cannot be taken away for use elsewhere. 

You do need to book a vehicle in advance by making a reservation.

Will I get training on how to use the vehicle? 

You will be given a brief training session upon arrival at your chosen site, so we can make sure you have the skills and confidence to safely operate the vehicle. 

I have limited strength or control in one arm - can I use the all-terrain wheelchairs? 

You should have sufficient upper body strength, upper limb mobility and hand dexterity to grip both handlebar grips securely and operate the twist grip. The vehicles use handlebars for steering and a twist grip to start and stop - speed is controlled using a combination of a dial and a switch.

To assist there is a switch on the vehicles that allows you to choose which twist grip to use - left or right. Please watch the video shown.

The key factor is therefore whether you can safely steer and control the vehicle.

I'm unsure about hiring a wheelchair - can I try it out first?

We encourage anyone who would like to see whether the vehicles suitable for them to go to one of our hub locations and try one. If you find you can control it safely in the induction at the hub then you can head off to explore using the recommended routes. The member of staff or volunteer hiring the vehicle has the authority to make the final decision as to whether it will be safe for you to proceed.

If a hub has more than one route then they may be able to advise you as to which routes will be easiest for you or parts of the route that could be more difficult. 

What restrictions apply to use of the equipment? 

The safety of our users and other visitors visiting our sites is very important to us. Because of this, there are some restrictions on how and where the equipment can be used.

  • You must complete some basic training before hiring a vehicle for the first time to demonstrate you can operate the vehicle safely.

  • You need to provide valid photo ID - driving licence, Blue Badge, Bus Pass, passport; and proof of address - bank statement, utility bill, credit card bill.

  • The hire periods and induction session times will vary at each site according to volunteer/staff availability and opening hours.

  • Hub coordinators will advise which routes are suitable for the vehicle - weather conditions may restrict access to certain routes.

  • Vehicles are limited to a maximum of 4mph for safety reasons.

  • There are Terms and Conditions of vehicle use - users must sign a disclaimer each time they want to hire a vehicle to confirm that they still meet them each time equipment is hired.

  • You are required to carry a mobile phone and any other safety items issued by site staff.

  • You must be accompanied by another person when using a vehicle so they can assist you if required.

  • Users must be under 25 stone in weight (160kg)

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