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Welcome to Access the Dales
in the Forest of Bowland

Forest of Bowland Logo

Access the Dales is delighted to develop a partnership with The Forest Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. We are launching two wheelchair hubs in the first instance with the help of two local farms that have kindly providing these hubs. There is a TerrainHopper at each f the sites each and a Tramper.

The Forest of Bowland is a stunning area of natural beauty, home to a diverse range of wildlife and habitats. With its rolling hills, limestone pavements and deep wooded valleys, It is a perfect place to explore and to enjoy the countryside.
The wheelchair hubs are designed to enable people with disabilities to access the Forest of Bowland more easily. The TerrainHopper is an off-road wheelchair designed for rough terrain and the Tramper is a mobility scooter suitable for a variety of terrains. Both are perfect for exploring the Forest of Bowland, allowing visitors to experience the area more easily and safely.

The partnership between Access the Dales and The Forest of Bowland is a fantastic opportunity to make the area more accessible to everyone. By providing access to the area, we are helping to ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Forest of Bowland and appreciate its stunning natural landscape. We are excited to see what the future holds for our partnership and look forward to seeing more people enjoying the area.

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