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New Laund Farm, Whitewell

Little Bowland Road



A person in an all-terrain wheelchair, travelling along a track into countryside

John is inviting you to join him for a journey through the beautiful Forest of Bowland. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty, full of rolling hills and lush valleys. As you meander through the terrain, you will be mesmerised by the stunning scenery.  The views of the surrounding hills and valleys are simply breathtaking, and it’s easy to see why this area is so popular with hikers and nature lovers. As you explore, John will point out interesting landmarks, share fascinating stories about the area’s history, and tell you all about local plants and animals. You are bound to have some incredible memories of your time in this stunning landscape.There is a TerrainHopper and  Tramper available to borrow from New  Laund Farm. 

The TerrainHopper is an all-terrain wheelchair designed for those who need a wheelchair capable of tackling difficult terrains and environments. This wheelchair has been designed with an innovative and robust frame that is capable of tackling a range of terrains, from grass, sand, and mud to snow, rocks, and steep inclines. It has a range of suspension settings to manage the shock of rough terrain.  Click on the calender below to book the TerrainHopper. 

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