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Our Ambassadors

Meet the Access the Dales Ambassadors who will be promoting and showcasing Accessible Yorkshire Dales with their stories and their inspiration to get outside and enjoy our beautiful countryside.  They will be sharing with you their adventure, their photographs and their hints and tips for exploring our wonderful surroundings.  You can also follow their adventures by by following them on social media. 

Become an  Access the Dales Ambassador

A unique opportunity to become an ambassador with Access the Dales, highlighting the beauty of the Yorkshire Dales and promoting how the inaccessible can become the accessible for all. 


Who we are 

Access the Dales is a charity dedicated to making the natural beauty of the Yorkshire Dales accessible for everyone regardless of their personal circumstances or difficulties. We work hard to make all terrain mobility vehicles more widely available and to share relevant information for those less able visiting the dales. 



What we are looking for 

We are looking for motivated ambassadors to raise awareness of the life changing impact access the dales can have and represent our charity at various events  

• Promote awareness of access the dales mission and current campaigns 

• Reach out to new audiences 

• Increase our social media presence 

• Share our success stories at events 

• Motivate, Recognise and thank our network of supporters and volunteers. 

• Inspire others to join our cause. 

What we can do for you 

We value every member of the team and want to support you in getting the most out being an ambassador with us. 

• Meet new people and network across the Dales 

• Opportunities to meet like-minded people  

• Sense of accomplishment, chance to join a dynamic team, dedicated to making a significant difference to the lives of our service users 

• Access to our social media accounts to share stories and experiences  


Businesses and Charity Partnerships 

Access the dales are looking to join partnerships with businesses and charity’s where we share a mutual interest in the Improving the quality of life of those less able. 

These partnerships offer opportunities of mutual benefit, supporting a worthy cause whilst promoting your own business or charity for the benefit of both.  

We will promote your business/ charity on our website and on our social media accounts. We also invite you to attend our events, highlighting your core business, support to a worthy cause and offer an opportunity to network and promote your core business.  

What we ask in return is for you to do the same for us, promote and support access the dales across social media accounts and support future campaigns and events.  

Youth Ambassadors 

We would love to work with people with disabilities or family members who do, to help guide our charity to meet the needs of our service users. It is your unique perspective and experience that will allow us to grow alongside our service users and offer the most person centred and relevant services. 


We are also actively seeking volunteers to help run events, volunteering is a great way to get involved in events whilst helping change lives. 

Volunteers would help out at events, run campaigns and promote access the dales in local groups and forums. 



Become an Ambassador

To hear more about what it means to be an ambassador for access the dales and how to join us email or give us a call on 07935 608154. 

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