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Meet Access the Dales Ambassador Rachel Morris MBE

"I'm so thrilled to be an ambassador for Access the Dales."

Rachel Morris is a Paralympic Champion from 3 Games and more unusually has a gold medal in two sports, hand cycling & rowing. She came into elite disability sports after becoming a bilateral amputee &acquired spinal injury as a runner with Olympic dreams.

Rachel used the acquired skills from Sport to enable a Positive Mental Approach to disability & life. After medalling in the Paralympics Rachel has used her platform to work in schools talking to children & young people helping to instil resilience and cope with challenges in life in a positive way & to accept everyone in their community. Rachel loves sports & has World Championship medals also in ParaNordic skiing & sailing.

Rachel is a motivational speaker and consultant. She can be booked for school visits and presentations.

Rachel also delivers workshops & training to schools & businesses in Inclusion or Team Approach. Rachel is working as a Mental Health Practitioner with a special interest in Special Educational Needs& Disability (SEND) students and using movement & outdoors to support those struggling with mental health issues.

Read more about Rachel's amazing career

Follow Rachel on Twitter @Rachel44Morris

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