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Enjoying Easter in the Yorkshire Dales and Forest of Bowland

The all-terrain wheelchair is being driven through the forest. Green moss on the trees, a muddy track
Tramper at Gisburn Forest

As Easter approaches, the picturesque landscapes of the Yorkshire Dales and the rugged beauty of the Forest of Bowland beckon visitors for a memorable experience. At Access the Dales, we're thrilled to offer a range of opportunities for exploration and adventure, ensuring everyone, including wheelchair users, can revel in the natural splendour of these regions.

Nateby Hub, near Kirby Stephen

Two orange TerrainHoppers, all-terrain wheelchairs, up on the fells above Nateby. Rolling hills and wildness.
The TerrainHopper at Nateby, near Kirby Stepen

Begin your journey amidst the untamed beauty of the Yorkshire Dales. From the  Nateby Hub, located near Kirby Stephen,  you can embark on a thrilling adventure through the rugged landscape. Our TerrainHopper ensures accessibility for all, allowing you to traverse the wildness with ease.

Explore the Howgills

The Tramper at Eden Ewe Nique Lonnin

For those seeking remoteness and tranquillity, Ewe Nique Lonnin Hub near Tebay is the perfect starting point. Explore the serene expanse of the Howgills, immersing yourself in nature's untouched splendour. Borrow our Tramper for an unforgettable journey through this remote paradise.

The Waterfalls at Aysgarth

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Aysgarth Falls.

Borrow our Tramper and venture through the woods to witness the breath-taking middle and upper falls. If the weather permits, indulge in a delightful picnic by the upper falls, soaking in the sunshine and serenity.

Dales Museum in Hawes

The Dales Museum

Delve into the rich heritage of the Yorkshire Dales with a visit to the Dales Museum in Hawes. We're excited to announce the availability of a Changing Place toilet within the museum, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all visitors.

The Limestone Scenery of Malham

Discover the enchanting village of Malham and borrow the TGA Breeze S4 from the Lister Arms for an unforgettable exploration. Take a trek up to the cove,or explore the magnificent sight of Gordale Scar.


A Woodland Trail through Gisburn Forest

Traverse the woodlands of Gisburn Forest, where our Tramper awaits eager adventurers, promising an immersive woodland experience like no other. The café will be open for that reward of tea and cake after your invigorated ramble.

Woodend Farm, Queen's View, and New Laund Farm:

At Woodend Farm, gaze upon the majestic Queen's View overlooking the Whitewell Estate. Borrow our TerrainHopper and immerse yourself in the stunning views of this regal landscape. Alternatively, embark on a bespoke guided walk from New Laund Farm near Clitheroe, relishing glorious views over the Forest of Bowland.


Explore the views over the Bolton Estate

The TGA Breeze S4 at Beamsley


Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Bolton Abbey Estate, where history, nature, and tranquillity converge. Gaze upon the sweeping vistas and rolling landscapes that have inspired generations of visitors. To fully experience the splendour of this iconic location, borrow the TGA Breeze S4 from our hub at the Beamsley Project.

The Quingo at Ricmond

This Easter, embrace the spirit of adventure and embark on a journey through the heart of Yorkshire Dales and the tranquil allure of the Forest of Bowland with Access the Dales. Whether you're a seasoned explorer or a first-time visitor, our accessible hubs and specially designed equipment ensure an unforgettable experience for all.

Don’t forget to check our Events calendar:

So far we have 3 guided walks planned

A reminder: TerrainHopper Try Out at Richmond Swimming Pool on 19th May. Book your slot for a test drive of this 4x4 all-terrain wheelchair.



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