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Accessible Malham

Access the Dales at Gordale Scar

Grid ref: SD 8984 6290

Malham is a small village in the southern area of the Yorkshire Dales National Park. Known originally as ‘Malgun’, its history dates back thousands of years. It was mentioned in the Domesday Book and there are still traces of the Iron ages is surrounding areas.

It is a very popular tourist destination and has plenty of of little cafes and pubs for refreshments.

Many people who visit Malham come to see the famous Malham Cove, a huge curved limestone amphitheatre, with a vertical cliff of 260 feet high. The cove was formed by a large Ice Age River. The waterfall created the curve shape of the cove.

Access the Dales with TGA Breeze 4 at Malham Cove

Malham Cove waterfall has been dry for hundreds of years but appeared again in December 2015 just for the weekend, when after heavy rain, brought in by Storm Desmond, helped it to flow again.

Even without a waterfall, Malham Cove is a spectacular sight to see.

Another popular walk from Malham is to Gordale Scar. Gordale Scar is a gigantic collapsed cave system forming a twisting gorge between limestone cliffs.

Access the Dales TGA Breeze 4 at Gordale Scar

Both these locations are wheelchair accessible. Our all-terrain wheelchair, the TGA Breeze 4 can be borrowed from The Lister Arms.

Also in Malham is the Yorkshire Dales national Park Visitor Centre, where there is plenty of information about the area.

A short drive out of Malham is Malham Tarn, England’s highest freshwater lake. During the Ice Age a glacier scraped away the rock right down to the ancient slate layer underneath the limestone. Because of this, the water does not drain away, as it should in this area rich in limestone. An all-terrain wheelchair is available to borrow from the National Trust Estate Office.

Video: courtesy of The Outdoor Guide

Accessible toilets are available in The Lister Arms and in the Yorkshire Dales National Park carpark.


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