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Accessible Aysgarth and Beyond

Aysgarth Falls National Park Visitor Centre is proud to announce the availability of a brand-new addition to their property - the Tramper! This all-terrain mobility scooter offers visitors with limited mobility the chance to explore the stunning beauty of the Aysgarth, while providing an easy, convenient and safe way to travel. The Tramper has been designed to handle the terrain, allowing visitors to experience the stunning scenery and views. All visitors are welcome to borrow the Tramper, and it can be booked in advance via our website.

The photograph show Debbie on the Tramper at Aysgarth Falls. She is travelling through the woodland.
Tramper at Aysgarth Falls

If you are looking for a beautiful and accessible natural experience, then the Upper and Middle Falls are a great place to visit. These two waterfalls offer spectacular views and easy access for all visitors. Whether you prefer to take in the scenery from a wheelchair accessible viewing platform or explore the area on foot, these waterfalls have something to offer everyone.

At the visitor centre there are accessible toilets, and the café is also accessible.

So, come and experience Aysgarth Falls National Park in a new and exciting way!

The outside of the Dales Museum in Hawes
The Dales Museum

The picturesque market town of Hawes is a great place to visit for a day out. Located just 15 minutes away, it has a wide range of attractions to explore and is wheelchair accessible. One of its most popular attractions is the Dales Museum, which is home to a changing place facility. This is the first one of its kind in the Yorkshire Dales National Park, making it a great option for those with disabilities. With plenty to see and do, a visit to Hawes is sure to be a memorable one.

Near to Hawes is a lovely accessible walk – Cotter Force. Cotter Force is one of the most beloved waterfalls in the Yorkshire Dales, and it is even more accessible now with the creation of a purpose-built track. This track runs from the roadside parking area to the waterfall, allowing those with pushchairs and wheelchairs to enjoy the beauty of Cotter Force. This track is a wonderful way to make it easier for people of all mobility levels to experience this stunning part of the Yorkshire Dales.

A photo of Hardraw Force  - the longets single drop water fall in the UK
Hardraw Force

Hardraw Force is a spectacular and unique natural attraction located a short drive away from the quaint village of Hawes. It is home to England's largest single drop waterfall, an impressive 100 foot drop, and is situated in the grounds of the historic Green Dragon Inn. Hardraw Force is a must-see destination for nature lovers, waterfall enthusiasts, and history buffs alike. There is an purpose-built track to fall that has made this site accessible for more people.


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