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Our Top 5 Selection of Charitable Travel Holidays

Charitable Travel is a registered social enterprise and a financially protected travel agency.

Their purpose and mission is to help you with your holiday plans and at the same time support the great work that UK-based charities deliver around the world.

Every penny of profit earned by Charitable Travel, everything they do and everything they offer their customers, supports charity fundraising and good causes.

They have partnered with around 200 trusted holiday brands, so however you like to travel, and wherever you want to go – they can help plan and book your perfect break.

Each week we will select from their website a holiday that we think you will enjoy and if you book Access the Dales will get a donation from Charitable Travel.

Overnight Train to Barcelona with a 2 night stay

Make the journey part of the holiday with this city break

3 night city break in Venice by rail

Choose between roundtrip rail, train and fly one way, or roundtrip flights!

Spend a week in Orlando for February Half Term!

Last Minute 7 nights in Majorca

A week in 3-star hotel in Magaluf this June

3 nights in glamorous Cannes

Choose between roundtrip rail, train and fly one way, or roundtrip flights!

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