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Beach wheelchairs: locations for hire across the UK

An image of Seaford seafront. Dark clouds fill the sky above the sand and sea.
Seaford; Credit: Ella Pritchard (student) 2023

A trip to the beach can have many great health benefits. The link between spending time at the seaside and health goes far back. In the 18th century, the beach and sea were believed to be medicinal, with doctors recommending trips to the seaside to cure almost any condition.

Spending time at the seaside has been found to boost mood, boost the immune system, increase energy and improve sleep. Serotonin, one of the body’s happiness hormones, becomes balanced, boosting wellbeing.

For those with mobility problems, and who are wheelchair users, accessing the beach can be difficult. With specialised beach wheelchairs, people of all abilities can enjoy the coast. Beach wheelchairs are designed for outdoor use and have large inflatable wheels with ball-shaped balloon tyres, spreading weight over a large area. This allows them to roll over sand and pebbles with remarkable ease.

There are many places across the UK where beach wheelchairs can be hired. Access the Dales has created a directory, listing the places where beach wheelchairs can be hired and how to book. To hire a beach wheelchair, many locations require pre-booking, so please use the information to call or book ahead of your visit.

Beach wheelchair hire directory
Download PDF • 190KB

Wildflowers are at the forefront of a sea view at Whitby as the sun sets.
Whitby; Credit: Ella Pritchard (student) 2023

Beach Wheelchairs: a short video

Video curtesy of North Norfolk District Council.

Ursula Mallender

MSc Occupational Therapy Student

Sheffield Hallam University


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