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Accessible Leyburn, North Yorkshire

Leyburn is a charming market town located in the picturesque district of Richmondshire, North Yorkshire. It is known for its stunning views across the River Ure and is the perfect base for exploring the glorious eastern Dales. Visitors to the town can take advantage of the delightful Wensleydale Railway heritage line, a wonderfully scenic rail journey along the Yorkshire Dales. Leyburn itself offers a wide range of local shops, restaurants, cafés and a cinema, making it a great destination for anyone looking for a relaxing day out. The town also boasts a vibrant arts community and hosts a number of annual events, such as the hugely popular Leyburn 1940s weekend. With its charming atmosphere, breathtaking views and abundance of attractions, Leyburn is the perfect place for a memorable day out.


Grid Ref: SE 11308 90413

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Places to Eat and Drink:

  • Golden Lion – Small step access at the front but does also have an accessible side entrance.

  • Chambers Coffee House - accessible entrance and ground access standard toilet.

  • The Bolton Arms – Ramp access to side of building. Ground level Bathroom access. Standard toilet.

  • Saffron - Indian Restaurant, bar and takeaway.

  • Soprano Pizza - evening takeaway - ground level access.

Places to visit:

There are many other places to visit within Market Place such as:

  •  The Parish Church – Ground level access around side of building

  • Leyburn Arts and Community Centre – has accessible parking bay at the front, accessible entrance & access to the garden. Has accessible toilet.

Shops in Leyburn which are accessible.

  • Co-op – supermarket - accessible entrance.

  • One stop – accessible entrance.

  • St Teresa’s hospice – charity shop – accessible entrance.

  • Thomas the Baker – accessible entrance.

  • House and Home – department store – accessible entrance.

  • Andy’s Traditional Bakery – accessible entrance.

  • Wensleydale Longwool – wool shop – accessible entrance.

  • Hewsons – newsagents – accessible entrance.

  • The Walking Shop – accessible entrance.

  • Campbells and Son’s – food and wine emporium – accessible entrance.

There are many places to visit within Leyburn Business Park (DL8 5QA) such as:

  • Tennants auctioneers – accessible building with a lift to the first floor and dropped kerbs outside the reception area.

  • Ceramic Inspirations – The Teapottery – has a step at main entrance but they have a ramp to use at the side entrance.

  • Inspired Chocolate – chocolate shop with accessible entrance & toilet.

  • Simon Winstanley – Garden centre – accessible entrance with narrow aisles (possibly cluttered).

  • Taplin & Mageean Spirit Company – accessible entrance.

(The Journey from Tennants back up to Market Place is accessible on the Minimo Plus, with dropped kerbs the whole way).

Places to park:

There are two main car parks in the centre of Leyburn, these include:

  • Market Place Parking - DL8 5BG. There are three accessible spaces however these are not clearly signposted. The road markings are also faded but can be seen in the image below.

  • Leyburn Long Stay Car Park - This is to the rear of the Golden Lion Hotel, Market Place, DL8 5AS. There are two accessible spaces to the left as you enter the car park.

  • Tennants Auctioneers - Auction Centre, Harmby Road, Leyburn, DL8 5SG. There are two accessible bays outside the main building however these are not signposted - take the second left after entering and you'll see the accessible spaces are outside the main reception.

Places with disabled bathrooms:

  • Disabled public bathroom located on Kelberdale Ct, DL8 5AP - Rader key required - These are not signposted but can be found if you walk northwest from the Market Place Car Park towards the big old building at the top of the Market Place (Wray Bros). As you face the front of this building turn immediately right, cross Harmby road, and straight down the alleyway in front of you are the toilets.

  • Disabled public bathroom located on Harmby Rd, DL8 5BB – Radar key required. These toilets are signposted and can be found by walking down the main road (A684) towards the roundabout.

  • Ceramic Inspirations - The Teapottery, DL8 5QD - Has one accessible toilet.

  • Inspired Chocolate - Chocolate shop, Leyburn Business Park, DL8 5QA - Has one accessible toilet.

  • Leyburn Arts and Community Centre - DL8 5DL - Has one accessible toilet.

  • Chambers Coffee House – No accessible toilet but is ground access with standard toilet.

  • The Bolton Arms – Ramp access to side of building. Ground level bathroom access. Standard toilet

Shawl Playground - Accessible playground

A new accessible playground has been built however accessible to the playground is over grass.

The best route to take is down Riseber Lane however the route to Riseber Lane does not have dropped kerbs and cars have been parked on the path which completely block the route. This route is indicated on the map below; however the photos show the paths which may be inaccessible. There is a path to the left of the caravan park which may be a suitable route to the park however it involves going across a field so is only recommended in the summer.


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