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What is a TerrainHopper?

A TerrainHopper is an off road, 4x4 all-terrain wheelchair which is capable of travelling through deep mud, sand and snow. It can climb over rocks and up steep hills. It has a ground clearance of 250mm and a 35-degree climbing ability.  

Youth ambassador

TerrainHopper Mini

The Overlander Mini is the 'baby' of the Overlander family but with all the off-road capability as the Overlander 4ZS – only with a smaller footprint. Allowed on pavements and road. 

  • Compact design 

  • Fantastic climbing ability 

  • Four all-round independent suspension systems 

  • Designed for children and small adults (maximum height 5 foot) 

  • Geared for extreme off-road performance 

  • Dual controlled (joystick or handle bar) 

  • Guidance cable available for carer control of the vehicle. 

TerrainHopper 4ZX

There’s no competition for the ‘daddy’ of the family – the Overlander 4ZS. The true four-wheel drive all terrain power wheelchair. No challenge too great for this beast. Its rugged construction makes gravel, mud, sand and snow like a walk in the park! Allowed on pavements and road. 

  • Suitable for users up to 20 stone/127kg. 

  • Maximum user height 6"2" 

  • Max gradient 30° see brochure 

  • Adjustable steering to suit your personal needs

  • Dual control - Manual or optional joystick control

  • Adjustable seating and backrest. 

Debbie North on a TerrainHopper, surrounded by several young walkers.  It's windy, and their hair is blowing around.
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