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The Orton Circular Walk

The walk begins in the unspoilt village of Orton, Westmorland Dales. Heading north, walk up towards to the white tower of All Saints church on the quiet B6260.

You will come to a small road on your right. Follow the road until the next track on your left. Continue along the track following the beck. At the end of the track take the footpath towards Mill House Farm. Follow this track to the ford. At the ford turn right across the fields. At the road, turn left and continue onto Friar Biggin Farm.

Once passed Scarside farm take the bridle path. At the track turn right and continue past the stone circle, which will be on your left. This is Gamelands stone circle, one of the largest in Cumbria but at this time can only be accessed by the kissing gate which is too narrow for a wheelchair to pass through. At the bottom of the track turn right and follow the quiet road back into Orton.

Map details can be found here

Nearest accessible facilities can be found in Orton.

Car park: Orton Market Square

For more information about the Westmorland Dales, please watch and enjoy this video:


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