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Accessible River Walk Maulds Meaburn

Not far from Orton (Grid Reference NY626160) is the sleepy village of Maulds Meaburn. It is in the village that there is a short, yet very beautiful river walk. Meaburn, meaning meadow stream.

In the reign of Henry 2nd, a brother and sister were given land by the crown. The King reclaimed Sir Hughes land called it Kings Meaburn whilst the sister was allowed to keep her share – hence the name Maulds Meaburn.

Explore the sleepy village of Maulds Meaburn on this easy access river walk, ideal for a powered wheelchair user.



Where do I park?

There is limited parking at the community hall or roadside parking

What Map do I need?

What facilities are there?

Accessible toilets are available in the village.


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